Tools for Goddess care

This is a curated collection of healing tools I personally love and recommend to all seeking a little extra support and magic.


Azu Botanicals

My goddess of all trades helperBrenda makes incredibly healing and cleansing smudge sticks using different medicinal plants depending on your sign, or what you need. Loving my taurus smudge stick to cleanse, ground, and purifying my space, bringing in Venus vibes and peace into my daily practice. 


Susan Alexandra

My sister Susan is like watermelon on a hot day...bright, refreshing, colorful, watery nourishment. We met when I worked for Stone Fox Bride my first year in New York and have been soul sisters ever since. Susan makes the most incredible jewelry and accessories. All her jewelry is HAND PAINTED with her own two hands with so much love, sacred symbolism, and intention. I am lucky and honored to have two pieces she named after me: the Ash Bag and Ash bracelet, but I think my favorites are Kali Earrings the inspired Kali Ma, goddess of destruction and rebirth, who is a major inspiration for us both. I wear these whenever I need a reminder of the power within my feminine cycles of life and death. Their magic is potent!



Julian’s Medicines have been beautifully soothing and supporting my spirit and body throughout this Mars Retrograde/Cancer/Eclipse season. From his Mystic Matcha which is what is allowing me to have the clarity to even write this newsletter right now, to this Spirit Water which is my new favorite ally and aura support, powerfully cleansing, grounding, and balancing calming my whole being. His CBD oils are more grounding and supportive than anything else I have ever tried. Julian is also a highly gifted healer and acupuncturist offering sessions in the NYC area. I cannot recommend his offerings enough and I feel blessed to work with his medicines.



I bought my first crystal Comb from Andi from Crown Works this summer and have developed a new nightly ritual. I comb my hair with my rose quartz comb and Andi’s Four Hair Oi leach night while connecting to my heart space. My dreams have actually been gentler, I have been sleeping heavier (both so rare for me as I am a total astral traveler/psychic dreamer and never sleep soundly), and my hair feels nourished after all the summer sun I have been soaking up. Andrew has even been using the oil on his beard and loves it, ha!


Skin & Hair Tonic
When I was in Hawaii I came across this heavenly hair and body tonic made by a Hawaiian vetiver farm. It is so grounding and nourishing, I can’t get enough of it. I rarely share products with you guys unless I am obsessed, and this is one of those. Vetiver has always been my favorite oil and smell, next to rose, so that was the selling point for me, along with it’s reusable bottle. But it also contains cedar, one of my favorite healers, aloe, magnesium, and coconut oil! I have put in in my baths, the ends of my hair, my sun parched skin, and the soles of my feet for extra grounding before bed. Highly recommend if you are seeking a little body nourishment. For Product Page Click here


Snake Skin Meraki Nomad
Medicine for Shedding and Transformation

I have been using my sister Adrienne’s Snake Skin scrub as a healing bathing ritual for a few weeks now and I LOVE it. The plants smell heavenly and the medicine is so potent. Not to mention my skin feels amazing after. I like to put a quarter size amount in my hands, set an intention of what I would like to shed, and work the scrub into the area of the body where I am feeling the shedding needs or wants to take place. Often when I am using it songs of shedding will emerge from my being and subtle sensations will arise. A beautiful ally for Scorpio season made with so much love and intention. 


Silversword Flower Essence Isha Lerner 

I just started working with this essence after feeling really called to it last month and find it is such a beautiful ally for transformation. From Isha’s website she says this essence is good for “when the individual is ready to be “fully seen” and prepare for their trust soul work.” It heightens sensitivities as we expand into new levels of awareness and healing. During my first week of working with it I have had many opportunities surface that allow me to be more seen and share my medicine that ever before and I and moving more intune with my special gifts and sensitivities that I navigate my path with. I also find that it has reconnected me to a deeper, more frequent meditation practice. Flower remedies are my absolute favorite tools for healing and transformation and Isha Lerner’s always are so potent! Highly recommend if this medicine is calling to you. 


Rasa Adaptogen coffee

Since I stopped drinking coffee (again) earlier this year, this new find has been an amazing substitute to curb the coffee cravings. So earthy and nourishing! A great ally for stress and overall wellbeing too. 


Dr. Singhas Mustard Bath 
Detoxify, heal, nourish. A great ally for winter colds and to detox from holiday treats. You can find this at almost any health food store. 

IMG_7749 (1).jpg

GOLDA // atmosphere mist in Topagna love

The most amazing, grounding scent for your home. My favorite atmosphere mist for traveling to new spaces or when you need a little warm comfort in your own space.


Saje Stress Relief Oil 
Saje Stress Relief oil  for tension headaches and neck/shoulder body stress 


Evening Primrose Flower Essence
Evening Primrose flower essence for deconditioning.


Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow moonstone to release old emotions and cleanse the spirit to renewal...especially beautiful in a bath or just resting on the heart or solar plexus. 


Naps on the biotmat. Held off on getting one of these for so long because they are pricy but I caved this month (found one of the cheapest ones on the internet!) and it was the best decision. 


Snake Skin Oil
When we are in a space of healing, our largest organ, the skin often needs way more support and hydration. When I am deep in healing, my skin actually sheds! This is a new favorite body oil from soul sister Adrienne that has been so nourishing for my dry post-energetic purge skin .