Tree Of Life Elixir

Tree Of Life Elixir


Back in October last year during a plant ceremony I got a message from spirit to make a “Tree of Life Ritual Elixir.” In the ceremony I saw a very detailed image of  the bottles, labels, and I saw them sitting on a wooden countertop. This was the first of a dam opening to many medicine downloads to come. Over the following weeks I started receiving messages of what the medicine would create within, how it would work, and eventually, how I am to make it… I didn’t know what elements would be in the elixir at that time until I walked into a redwood forest later that month. Something erupted inside of me and the strings of downloads begun to thread together. The trees spoke to me in a way I have never experienced. I asked the mother redwood stump to take some of her bark, the answer I felt was a deep yes, but only a little. I whispered gratitudes and left a small crystal. I returned again a couple of weeks later. I stumbled upon a perfect ring of cycles of a redwood’s life: the mother stump charred in the middle, mature, but newer growths circled around, and a perfect ring of baby growth sprouts with a dusting of cones all around the roots. A Divine wheel of nature! I asked to harvest a piece from each stage, the answer I got was a feeling of deep knowing stirring in my sacral. I said a prayer, enveloped the trees in a golden light, left some sage as an offering, and gathered the tree medicine. I spent a moon cycle in the heart of winter going within and sitting with the medicine of the redwood (one of the most difficult yet profoundly expanding periods of my life), quietly becoming more conscious of the energy and medicine she holds. In January my partner and I planted a new redwood in the yard and I continued to sit and speak with her. The redwoods hold some of the greatest wisdom and healing of all these lands. They connect us to the ancient wisdom contained in our earth, everything that has been and will be. And I remembered it all, ancient knowings unraveling from my being daily. After 6 months of studying it’s magic, I am honored to finally have this medicine ready to share.


All cultures have their own expression of the Tree of Life. It’s a symbol that links all of us together, across time and space. The Tree of Life teaches us that the quest for true knowledge runs above and below; the earth and the heaven, within and without, past and future, our bodies and our spirits. This Tree of Life elixir embodies this knowing, the most essential medicinal truth of our human consciousness. She holds memories of the past reminding us that we’ve been here before and that we too contain all the ancient memories of the trees. By connecting us to our deep roots, she supports our return to the Earth and all it’s wisdom. She aids in opening up a portal to integrate this wisdom into the present, so that we may all plant new seeds of growth for the future, and ascend into the strongest expression of our truths. She can also help in assisting healing across many timelines and lives, teaching us to heal through the eyes of love, grounding into our own pillars of strength, and awakening to the knowledge available to all. With this wisdom, she offers ancient support and a quest to reconnect to ourselves, the land, and spirit, grounding while uplifting us towards our true north, that guiding light showing us the way to our illumination. 


(How to use this elixir)

This is not a medicinal elixir to treat a symptom, it’s a spiritually potent medicine that aids in evolving the whole being, working on both the body and the spirit. This elixir is to be taken consciously in ritual…in your tea, before meditation, while sitting at your altar, in prayer, while connecting to the earth, walking along the beach, before conscious movement, or morning pages—whatever ritual may be to you. It is essential to create sacred space for your growth. 

Enjoy a couple of drops directly in your mouth or water before ritual or setting sacred space to Be. Repeat 3-4 times daily, or as you intuitive feel is needed.

Ingredients: wildcrafted consciously sourced mother California Redwoods [Sequoia sempervirens] bark, mature redwood bark, tips of new and old growth redwood, redwood cones, local California brandy, gem essence of red jasper bloodstone from a river in Wyoming, the essence of a rock dated to be over 3 million years old from North America, local California wildflower honey, the energy of the full cancer moon, and settled and married together for 12 moon cycles. . 

1 bottle is 15 ML

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