Rose + Golden Yarrow Flower Essence

Rose + Golden Yarrow Flower Essence


Flower essences are powerful vibrational remedies that carry the healing energy of a flower. Flower essences work on our subtle levels, whether they be emotional, mental, spiritual, or a combination of all, to create change within, so that we can create change without. Their medicine is gentle yet extremely powerful, working to shift and expand our awarenesses and unfold our healing, helping us to become the whole. All these medicines were lovingly and intentionally crafted under new or full moons, and the full light of the California sun, with flowers from my garden.

Rose + Golden Yarrow Flower Essence

This is a combination that I started creating for my sensitive/healer clients and friends this year, only to witness how profound this combination actually was when we are here to hold space for others. Rose and yarrow are essences I have worked with constantly for the past couple years, never leaving the house without their essences in my purse. I have found that their energies compliment and support one another in a very powerful way. Yarrow helps us to fortify our energetic and psychic boundaries by circulating and creating a firm boundary on our energy. In particular, golden yarrow corresponds to the solar plexus, the chakra that governs our personal power, self protection, and identity. It's also the bridge between all the chakras above and below it. Golden yarrow is a healing ally for those who feel the weight of the world effecting their personal power. It helps create a safe container within ourselves so that we can do our work to heal without. In combination with rose, who shows us deep unconditional love for ourselves, so that we can share this unconditional love for others, this combination serves as a pillar of strength. She illuminates our power, our love, and teaches us to find the strength and courage within to navigate this wild life. This essence is a wonderful ally for healers and sensitives who are here to help support the world.

Dosage: take 4 drops 3-4x per day in tea, water, directly in your mouth, or pour into a spray bottle with spring water and use as a protective aura spray. Use until empty or when you intuitively feel the medicine has completed it's healing.

Ingredients: Rose and Golden Yarrow Flower Essence, love, the energy of the sun and the moon, Lemurian quartz crystal essence for activation and greater spiritual attunement, spring water, tequila to preserve.

1 bottle is 15 ML

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