Custom Flower Essence Formula

Custom Flower Essence Formula


:: Custom Flower Essence Formula ::

Flower essences are natural vibrational remedies that can create profound shifts in emotions, awareness, reduce anxiety, stress, and transform our inner and out realities by working through our subtle bodies; our energy and awareness.

Ash will create a custom formula using up to 5 flower essences specific to your needs, desires, goals, and where you are at in your healing process that to promote powerful healing affects. In the box at checkout please describe where you are at in your journey and what you are wanting to achieve or move through. For example you may say, "I am struggling to trust my intuition and speak my truth because I am afraid of judgement, etc..."

Your custom essence will include instructions, a description of your blend, and an accompany mantra to recite when you take your essence formula.

1 bottle is 15 ML

All orders will ship within one week from purchase date. 

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