May 2019


Creative expression + healing through writing

Gemini rules writing, mercurial expression, speaking, language and the mind. Creative writing, to me, is a beautiful balance of channeling both our Masculine and Feminine energies in into pure expression. Because of this bridge of energy, I also find creative writing to be one of our most powerful yet simple healing tools as it helps to rewire our neuropathways—the highways in our brain that control our emotional responses, reactions, habits, behaviors, etc.

Writing gives your expression more permanence, versus just thoughts and feelings, therefore written words tend to hold a little bit more power energetically when used as a healing practice. Creative poetry, storytelling, affirmations/mantras, etc are easy ways and effective tools for creating space, an awareness of thoughts and emotions, and gives you a new perspective on what is stirring within.

When having a writing practice, whatever we are focusing our thoughts and writing on with our mental activity, we strengthen that energy. For example, writing about love will only strengthen the love energy within. Writing about what you desire, will only call those desires closer to you, thus strengthening the pathway in your brain that focuses on desire, over fear or doubt. So, this season I invite you to use your words as medicine. Take the time for 21 days to have a daily writing practice. Write about the emotions flooding your being begging for a creative outlet. Write about your gratitude to the Universe for its love and support. Write yourself as the queen of a fairytale, or tell your story in truth, all the pain and struggle, as deeper cathartic healing to witness how much you have overcome, showing you that you truly are the queen of your story.

Whatever you write, do it without judgment. Show no one, read it out loud to yourself or your pet, or show the world if you are feeling that call. Your words are powerful tools and this is the perfect time to allow them to show you that. Let this practice nourish, inspire, and change your perspective on your life.

ashley glynnComment