July 2019


Botanical Wand

My newest offering, a collaboration with my soul sister and sidekick Brenda . We created this Botanical Wand as a sustainable alternative to the sage smudge sticks you see being sold all over. These are LITMITED in quantity as all plant offerings should be. All plants carry powerful medicine. Brenda and I chose plants that I am most connected to in my own healing as allies of support and guidance, so that they may offer you the same support and healing. They are also plants that are widely grown throughout the world so that a connection is an easy remembrance for your soul no matter where you come from ancestrally. Simply burn to clear and shift energy within a space or around your aura, and call in the energy of the plants for connection, comfort, and healing. Using smoke for purification is an act of self-love, intention setting, boundaries enforcing and a way to connect to mother earth and the elements.
This wand's blend combination is a mixture of both sensual and empowering herbs to help awaken and support our inner healer::
*Cedar- Wisdom
*Rosemary- Protection
*Cinamon- Intuition & Passion
*Mugwort- Intuition & Dream Land
*Roses- Love, Happiness & Sensuality

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