November 2018


New Moon Ritual

Here is a beautiful bathing ritual for this New Moon as we shed our skins and emerge renewed and in closer alignment with our truth.

*If you do not have a bath you can create this remedy on your stove top by simmering for at least 20 mins and slowly pour over your body in the shower.*

*1 cup of fresh basil
*1 cup of dried or fresh mugwort
*2 cups of epsom salt
*7 drops of sandalwood essential oil
*1 smooth labradorite crystal

Combine all ingredients in a warm bath, use candles as your only form of light, play soothing sounds, and dip in. As you absorb this medicine be sure to cleanse your whole body with the magical waters from the top of your head to your feet, and connect to your breath and body as you receive. Allow whatever wants to be released and cleansed from your being to do just that.

ashley glynnComment