March 2019


Connecting to Our Spirit’s Holy Center

Make a medicinal healing bath by going out into nature and harvesting any plants/flowers you intuitively connect to by dropping down into your body, getting quiet, and listening to where you are guided… Maybe it’s a dandelion growing out of the sidewalk or a single oak leaf on a tree in your neighborhood.
The Earth speaks strongly to us and will always guide us to the medicine our spirits are seeking, and we can connect to these messages simply by listening and following our intuitive guidance. If it is the dead of winter where you are and the Earth is still sleeping, or maybe the desert and not many plants are flourishing, take a trip to your local grocery and follow the same guidance, choosing any herbs, veggies, or fruits that you intuitively connect with, slice then up and throw them in your bath.
There is medicine all around us, we just need to look. You don’t need to know any medicinal properties with your mind, just ask your intuition to guide you. The bodies intuitive wisdom is much wiser than the knowledge of the mind. You may be drawn to oranges, cinnamon, basil, green tea, cucumbers, berries, or any other Earth elements. I find this to be one of the most fun, intuitive, and easy ways to drop into our bodies and provide them with the healing care and space they are seeking.

Add a cup of sea, epsom, or pink salt to your bath for a deeper cleanse. Soak alone, creating space to be and feel, breathing in the medicine the earth provides as your daily meditation.

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