June 2018


Gemini New Moon

We're halfway through the year and arriving at a Gemini New Moon today. This is a perfect time to reevaluate where you are at and begin to invite in what you want to create for the rest of the year. Take a few moments this week to focus in on your greater desires. Invite yourself to slow down. Take a deep breath and ask yourself the questions below for a quick New Moon Manifestation journaling exercise.

- What manifestations have I seen actualize in the past 6 months?

- How do these manifestations make me feel?

- What desires have I called in that are actually no longer desirable?

- How can I let go and allow my desires to change as I grow on my path?

- What am I ready to invite in so that I can be living from my most authentic wholeness?

-How can I better create space for these desires?

Take time to center and go deep when answering these questions and pay close attention to what arises. New Moons are potent manifestation portals, a beautiful time to cast out all your desires to universe. New moon blessings <3

ashley glynnComment