January 2019


Start 2019 on the right foot….

by embodying joy as a daily practice, starting each morning with something that sparks joy in your heart. For me that often looks like getting my kitchen witch on and alchemizing a beautiful tonic or “latte” with flowers and herbs and sipping in under the morning sun on my deck or in the garden. Other days it’s simply putting on my favorite songs as soon as I rise and adding a little intuitive movement as I get ready for the day. Igniting joy within can be so simple, but often as soon as we rise in the morning we get sucked into emails/social media/our to do lists or rushing to get out the door to work that we don’t even pause to drop into our hearts at all. When we take even just 20 mins to start our day with joy, we are more likely to finish our days with joy as well.

Find a few things that spark joy within you and tap into that space everyday. I guarantee you will end your days with more gratitude and love in your heart.

ashley glynnComment