January 2018

A Blessing and Awakening For The Heart

On low heat on your stovetop combine two tablespoons of cacao, a beautiful heart opener, with two tablespoon of rose petals, the highest vibrational flower evoking love as a symbol of the divine feminine, in a milk of your choice (I’ve been loving the creaminess of oat milk lately). As you simmer and stir your delicious heart potion whisper loving words into the pot, set intentions and speak your truest desires of the heart into your medicine. When warm and dissolved, add a bit of raw honey to taste, if desired. Strain into your favorite mug and sip slowly. As you sip, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine a glowing swirl of pink and gold light filling your heart…nourishing it…awakening it. Breath this rose gold light into your whole being, allowing it to fill every cell, slowing coating you with the radiant warmth of Love. Thank Love for being your anchor. Thank your heart for beating strong each day. Place your hands on your heart and feel the Divine Mother fill you and thank you in return for being a vessel for her Love.

ashley glynnComment