December 2018



As we enter Winter, the season of retreating within, a lot can come up. One of my favorite practices for the holiday and winter season is to create warmth as a daily practice to fuel those colder and darker moments of retreating... connecting to those rituals that bring deep comfort, ease, and support.

You can create warmth by gathering with community and allowing yourself to be held and hold in return. You can sip warm cinnamon, damiana, and rose tea and allow your body to move and stir up your inner fire. You can cozy up by the fire/heater with nourishing stories and songs to fuel the heart. And my favorite practices of all: lots of laughter, healing baths, warm hugs, cuddling close, and sharing what you discover in introspection from your heart with another.

Some more of my favorite tools:

*lighting cedar to cleanse and bring warmth to the heart and body
*carnelian crystal to ignite the lower chakras that tend to get stagnant during this season
*Flower essences: morning glory (vitality and natural rhythm), borage (courage to move through tougher periods), saint johns wort (for seasonal depression), echinacea (immunity and inner strength), and pansy (open the heart and express your magic)

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