August 2018


Womb Healing Oil and Ritual

As women we carry the stories our our ancestors in our wombs. Spending time nourishing the wombspace and releasing what is stored there can proudly create the space needed to craft new histories and ways of being.

—Make a mugwort body oil by filling any sized mason jar with finely chopped dried mugwort. Make sure to leave a couple of inches of space at the top of your jar and do not pack your jar too tightly with the herb. I have been growing, drying, and cutting my own Mugwort from my garden, but some dried mugwort from your local apothecary will do just fine!

—Cover your mugwort with the oil of your choice. Olive oil is used most commonly, though I prefer sesame (warming), safflower (great for moving stagnant energy) or evening primrose (it's energetic properties are powerful for healing childhood trauma and the wounds we carry and it's such a beautiful oil)

—Shake your oil well and lovingly set an intention and prayer for your healing.

—Label your oil and allow it to sit for one moon cycle. Every few days sit with your oil. Shake it a little and continue with your prayers, gratitude, and healing intentions. Make this a part of your spiritual practice to get clear on what stored energies need healing.

—After one moon cycle strain into a bottle. I like to use a large dropper bottle for a womb oil, and keep it on my nightstand, but anything can work.

—Gentle massage a generous amount of your mugwort oil around your wombspace singing your prayers of healing and intention to your womb. You can say aloud something like "I release the stored energies and timelines I carry. I accept the fates of all who came before and chose to no longer carry these energies forward. I thank my ancestors for their medicine and the guidance to heal their stories." Notice what emotions and sensations arise. Allow all the pain, guilt, shame, and trauma to be healed by the plant and your loving hands. Release, release, release.

—Bonus: go outside and lay your womb directly on the earth, asking the mother to take what is no longer needed, asking for her healing and support. Feel the earth pulling away your stored energies and recycling them for new life to flourish.

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