What is a Soul Tattoo? 

A Soul Tattoo is a one-of-a-kind Divinely channeled tattoo design based on the soul/journey of each individual, distributed by hand with healing reiki energy, activating light codes and empowering your soul's truth. 

Do you offer consultations before the session?

Since the design in channeled in person, the first half of the session serves as the "consultation" where we connect, call in your guides/higher self, focus in on your journey, navigate through a deep soul tarot reading, and discuss personal healing and the sacred symbolism that is needed. 

Will you draw me channel a design and send to me to get tattooed where I am?

I am working on a new offering which allows me to do this work at a distance. Please sign up for my newsletter for this offering's launch. 

Does it hurt?

Pain is a very mental sensation... that being said, the calmer the mind, the less it hurts. My technique is less invasive and more delicate, making the pain very, very minimal for most placements. Hand poking is very gentle and does not affect the nervous system like a machine tattoo does.

How long does a Soul Tattoo session take?

From start to finish, each session varies between 2-5 hours. The sizing, detail, and placement of the tattoo is a major factor in timing. 

How long do hand poked tattoos last?

Forever! How well your take care of your tattoo will greatly affect the appearance overtime, just like with any tattoo. 

Will you travel to come and see me?

I offer sessions in various locations, but mostly in LA and NYC. Please check back for any residency announcements as I do travel around often. 

Can you fit in my group of friends all together?

As each session is 2-5 hours, I can only offer 2 sessions at a time in one day. That being said, This work is deeply personal is best recieved solo. 

What kind of ink do you use?

The current ink I use is a organic/vegan/metal-free Japanese ink made with plant ash and it the safest ink currently on the market. 

Do you offered colored inks?

I have very limited colors as there aren't many toxin-free colored inks on the market at this time. You may request color when you book. 

What if I don't like the size or placement you choose?

The sizing and placement is a collaborative experience. I will recommend a placement for optimum healing, and suggest what size would look best for the design, but it is ultimately YOUR body and I will never force placement. The placement often comes through as a channeled message or by scanning the chakras, but this work is healing no matter where the tattoo is placed!