This page is a curated collection of practitioners/services I have worked with and I would recommend both in NYC and CA and beyond.


Brenda /Azu Botanicals

I am so proud of super star, warrior goddess, Wadulisi Woman assistant Brenda for pursuing her deepest passions and launching her Doula business. As of July 2018 Brenda became a birth doula under DONA. Brenda uses her skills of herbs/custom smudges, reiki and birth knowledge to make mama's to be feel the most empowered and beautiful they can feel. Brenda comes from a long line of midwife's, bone setters and witches from Mexico so it is no surprise she is honoring her ancestors with this new path.

Myths Of Creation/ Xenia

To me, community is the most powerful thing in life. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my loving NYC community, especially Xenia, healer, writer, gatherer, and shop owner of Myths of creation. I don't really even remember exactly how we first connected, because it feels like we've known each other forever, but I am just in awe of how Xenia creates such a powerful community in her shop through fashion, expression, healing, workshops, with herself as the glue and facilitator. If you are in Brooklyn, please check out Myth of Creation's beautiful wearables, ritual tools, and community offerings.


Anna Brooke

Anna Brooke is an interdisciplinary healing arts practitioner. She is a Wu Tao Dance teacher, Reiki Master, Rebirthing Breathworker, Empowerment Counselor, Essential Oil Advocate and Burlesque Performer and Teacher. Her purpose is to help people reconnect to their own hearts in safety and love. By using breath, sound and movement, Anna helps you to uncover what really matters - you - to help you begin the life you have always wanted to lead.


South African native and dear friend Madineyah and I used to do floral design work together back when that was both our full time jobs and also started a community woman's gathering in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, where we both used to live. She naturally has this pioneering, magnetically captivating energy where you just want to listen to whatever she says. Friends in the neighborhood used to joke that she was going to become to next Oprah, but she would tell us that no dream is unattainable and you can manifest it. Madineyah is a transformation coach and teacher based in NYC who's work is powerful, just like she is. Book a 1-on-1 Online Life Purpose Discovery Session, and much more, discover why you are here and what makes your soul come alive and how to live a fulfilling life.


Julia Corbett

Julia, based in Ojai, is a photography goddess and cacao alchemist. Her work is dreamy, cosmic, heart awakening, and she has a way of so effortlessly capturing the feminine power and goddess embodiment. She took most of the photos on my website and helped me to see myself in a different light.


Aki / Soul Flower Medicine / Minka Brooklyn / Compound Coworking Space 

I owe so much to this woman, teacher, and lightworker. Aki was the first person who I met when I started doing Soul Tattoos full time who said “I really love what you are doing” with deep sincerity, belief, and interest. She invited me to offer my work in her space, and that’s how Soul Tattoos, and my healing path, expanded. Aki and Minka transformed me and allowed me the space to really flourish in my work. Aki is an incredible practitioner of energy healing and flower medicine, mother, and co owner/creator of like four different businesses (!!) She is an inspiration, badass woman, and expander. If you are in the NY area, check out Minka Brooklyn for a variety of amazing healing modalities and community offerings as well as Aki’s personal offerings of reiki/energy healing, spiritual coaching, and custom flower essence blends, which are pretty much life changing. 


Kyle Grow Contact Therapy 
Intuitive Massage / bodywork / teaching. Kyle is basically a genius and so gentle and kind. Kyle founder of Contact Therapy is  located in Bushwick in his own studio doing a variety of teachings and bodywork. 


Julian Grow / Sacred Silence Acupuncture 
Julian is a wizard in the healing arts specializing in Chinese medicine. Julian practices out of his own studio in Bushwick that feels so good and healing the second you walk in. See him for acupuncture, sound healing ceremonies, or any Chinese medicine remedies. I am also a huge fan of his products and use a variety of them daily... my go tos being the spirit water for cleansing my aura and the sananga. ::  Sacred Silence Acupuncture 


Lindai / BodyWorkNY

My go to for massage/Reiki/Bodywork. I have been receiving from Lindai for a couple of years now as we practice out of the same space in Brooklyn, Minka. She is an Earth angel and has saved me many times after spending 8 hours hunched over tattooing, holding space, and doing energy work all day. She would take me from a space of barely being able to stand to feeling so glowy, relaxed and present in my body. Highly recommend her for reiki/massage :: BodyWorkNY

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Nelly / Psychic 

Nelly does psychic readings and mediumship sessions and we have been friends and working together since she started at Minka when I was still living in Brooklyn. She is really really wonderful, and has this way of delivering even intense, esoteric messages in this gentle and charming way. See Nelly if you are wanting to connect to loved ones passed over or simply to connect to your highest self and path possible for you during this life time.