A B O U T  A S H 

      Ash is a tattoo artist, healer, and seeress based in San Francisco, with an art and illustration background from The Savannah College of Art and Design. Ash grew up in the south with her tarot reading mystic grandmother, who opened her eyes to the Divine and sacredness of the Earth at a very young age. After her grandmother's passing in 2009, she inherited her grandmother's tarot decks and began to dive deeper into her spiritual path, opening up many channels and doors along the way. Using her psychic gifts, connection to Spirit and Mother Earth, and ancient wisdom Ash's work is geared towards identifying deep set patterns and energetic blocks that are not serving one's higher purpose, and how to shift those so that we may all heal, honor our truth, open our hearts to the sacred, and align with our Divine soul purpose. Ash's Soul Tattoos offer an intimate, gentle, sensual, specially curated healing experience of ceremonial tattooing that is unique to each individual. 


A B O U T  T H E  N A M E


I will never forget one hot spring Louisianan day when I was about  five years old, a bumble bee landed on my arm and delicately crawled around my sun-burnt skin. I froze, wanting the bee to stay with me as long as possible, and watched with total fascination and delight as it balanced on my scrawny, freckled arm. Eventually, with a graceful swish of its light wings, it rose up in the air and twirled off to land on a nearby bush of heavenly gardenia flowers on my grandmother’s New Orleans balcony. I felt blessed that this creature chose me. Ever since bees have been a sacred spirit animal for me. My grandmother felt the same connection to these sacred healers/workers and I definitely inherited the love and connection from her at a young age. The medicine of the bee spirit is that of mindful service, love, and community—three things I wish to embody in my work and personal path. Bees, which are connected to the heart chakra with hives that symbolically represent the mother, teach us to love, to connect, and to help one another return to the hive: the womb; the source of all creation and life force energy. "Wadulisi" means “bee” in Cherokee, a tribute to my grandmother and our spirit animal, my grandfather who is Cherokee, and my ancestors before him that speak through me in my work.


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