Ash is an licensed tattoo artist, film photographer, illustrator, writer, healer, seeress, and medicine woman currently based in San Francisco. Ash works with the spirit of the natural elements, especially the flowers of our earth, as well as the subtle energy field, The Divine Feminine (energy of love and creation), and sacred symbolism for deep healing in her work. Ash’s focus is to assist her clients in awakening to their power, and embody it, so that we may all heal, honor our truths, open our hearts to the sacred, and align with our Divine soul purpose, authentic expression, and spiritual evolution. Ash's Soul Tattoo (TM) Sessions offer an intimate, safe, gentle, specially curated healing experience of ceremonial tattooing that is unique to each individual's soul needs, as collaboration between Ash, the client, and spirit.


A B O U T  T H E  N A M E

 “Wadulisi” is Cherokee for honeybee, a tribute to Ash’s Cherokee grandfather, and bee loving mystic grandmother, and all the wadulisi woman who came before her in her lineage, in which she dedicates her work to. The medicine of the bee spirit is that of mindful service, love, creation, and community—all things Ash wishes to embody in her work and personal path. Bees are connected to the heart and the Divine Feminine, with their hives symbolizing the mother womb in which they dedicate their lives serving, as the source of all creation and life force energy, teaching us to love, connect, and help one another to thrive on this planet, together.