S O U L   T A T T O O S

     Soul Tattoos are customized hand poked tattoo designs, with each design being one-of-a-kind, Divinely channeled and specifically curated for each individual's soul. Each session varies from client to client, as no person is the same and no Soul Tattoo is the same! In these sessions we begin with a sacred herbal smudging to set intentions, and call in your guides to connect more deeply to the process and medicine that comes through the session. During the session we combine a deep soul tarot reading, some light astrology, numerology, sacred symbolism, plant medicine and animal medicine to intuitively navigate to the core of each individual to design their Soul Tattoo. Once the design is set, we will then discuss chakras and meridians to align the design on to the place on the body that makes most sense for your personal healing. As the tattooing begins, Reiki energy is channeled. You will be receiving healing energy and will be releasing through the meridian where the tattoo is placed. This work is going back to the spirituality and deep meaning that lies within the art of ancient ritual tattooing—centuries before the tattoo machine, tramp stamps, your ex-boyfriend's name, or americana designs. These delicate tattoos give a deeper meaning of symbolism and soul, a connection of one's spirituality and art. Each session ends with an oracle card message to connect you to your higher self and align you with your soul's purpose.

Sessions are $133/hr (average session is 2.5-3.5 hours)



To get on either the LA/NYC waiting list, please submit your email to the list of your choice under the "W A I T L I S T S" tab :)